Offer of services  

Real estate  

We provide legal services in the field of real estate law, in particular regarding:   

  • sale agreements,
  • developer agreements,
  • lease agreements for commercial and residential premises,
  • regulation of the legal status of real estate,
  • termination of joint ownership,
  • construction law.  

We also represent our Clients in the construction process before administrative authorities and administrative courts.  

Support for Housing Communities  

We provide legal services to Housing Communities, in particular:   

  • we provide advice to management boards in their daily operations,
  • we prepare draft resolutions of Housing Communities,
  •  we represent Housing Communities in court proceedings, including proceedings for revocation of Housing Communities’ resolutions,
  • we represent Housing Communities in administrative and administrative court proceedings, in particular in the area of the construction law,
  • we prepare opinions and draft all agreements concluded by Housing Communities.  


We specialize in matters concerning real estate in Warsaw taken over on the basis of the decree of 26 October 1945 on the ownership and use of land in the Capital City  of Warsaw (Journal  of Laws No. 50, item 279), the so-called “Warsaw Decree”.  

We represent real estate owners or their legal successors mainly in the following matters:  

  • matters concerning the revocation of unfavourable decisions taken on the basis of the decree and in proceedings concerning the establishment of the right of perpetual usufruct to land;
  • we conduct proceedings concerning claims for compensation, both in court and in administrative proceedings, in a situation where restitution of real estate in kind is not possible;
  • we provide legal representation before administrative authorities, as well as before all courts, at all stages of the proceedings.

We conduct proceedings concerning agrarian reform, including those concerning determination that a part of the property was not subject to the decree of the Polish Committee of National Liberation of 6 September 1944 on the implementation of the agrarian reform.  We also conduct administrative proceedings regarding the invalidation of the seizure of properties which did not fall under the decree on agrarian reform due to their surface area.  If possible in given circumstances, we also conduct proceedings concerning claims for compensation for the property lost under the decree on implementation of agrarian reform.  After restitution of the property, we also conduct court proceedings aimed at the settlement of accounts between property owners and existing owners.  

We represent real estate owners in proceedings for the expropriation of real estate and for compensation, as well as in proceedings concerning the restitution of unlawfully-expropriated real estate, including situations when real estate was not used for the purpose specified in the expropriation decision.  We provide legal representation before administrative authorities, as well as before common and administrative courts.    


We offer comprehensive legal services in the area of inheritance law:   

  • we provide legal advice in inheritance matters;
  • we prepare applications for determination of acquisition of inheritance;
  • we conduct proceedings concerning the division of estate (court and out-of-court division) and those concerning the legitime.

We represent our Clients at all stages of the proceedings.  We also handle inheritance cases involving a foreign element.